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Training is important, recovery is essential.

If you are into fitness & committed to getting in good shape this is the service for you.

Find out more about our plans and what our customers think of their experience below.

About Fitness Meal Subscription:

​Our sports nutritionists & chefs have designed a delicious & nutritious menu to boost your fitness results. Making getting your ideal body and your life so much easier. Think of it like hiring a personal sports nutritionist and chef who does your meal planning, cooking, shopping and cleaning for you! We do the work, to get you results.


Haven’t got time to wait around for deliveries? Neither do we, your fresh meals are delivered twice a week to your collection point Sunday and Wednesday nights so you can grab & go at your convenience anytime. We understand everyone’s live’s are different so collecting at a time that suits you is another way we make your life easier.


Starting from just 3 meals a week, customise your plan to suit you. Try us for a week and be 100% happy or get your money back*.​

  • Free delivery to your collection point

  • Free nutritional calculation every 8-12 weeks 

  • Free multivitamin tablet everyday of your plan


For the calorie hunters, if you are focused on putting on alot of muscle mass. This is for recovery from intense workouts, containing double the protein in muscle boxes. Our Bulk Boxes are designed so you can eat like a monster without getting bloated or “food coma” in fact they will make you feel much better. Data shows if your excess "bulking" calories come from protein alone you will only gain muscle, not fat. Not for the weak or faint-hearted. Average macros in box: 

Protein = 99.6g,   Carbohydrates = 71g,   Fats = 10.3g,     Calories = 778  

For those looking to boost muscle mass whilst fuel intense workouts and busy lifestyles. Packed with protein and good carbs, giving you the energy to fuel workouts and days whilst boosting recovery to increase muscle mass. This is our most popular size. Average macronutrients in box:

Protein = 52.4g,   Carbohydrates = 69.6g,   Fats = 9.8g,   Calories = 579

If you want to watch your calories this is the box for you, providing enough protein and carbs to stay energised, tone your muscles and keep your calorie count down, helping you to slim down to your perfect weight. Average macronutrients in box: 

Protein = 26.2g,   Carbohydrates = 34.8g,   Fats = 4.9g,   Calories = 279 

Recommended by Athletes and Personal Trainers:

"Green & Lean has become a cornerstone for my athletes’ sporting week. Importantly, the convenience and peace of mind; knowing that our nutritional and dietary needs will be achieved. But what truly sets Green & Lean apart is the unmatchable quality of the product and the amazing customer service. A huge thanks to Green & Lean - first on my team sheet. "

- James Campbell - Former Premier League football player, now a manager.

"The boys at Green and Lean changed the meal prep game for me BIG TIME!

I was constantly either spending hours prepping lunches late at night or spending a fortune on unhealthy food options between clients at my gym.

Green and Lean’s meals are SO DELICIOUS and such great value for money! They fill me up and keep me on track throughout the week without worrying about my calories or spending the time and energy prepping food myself. (I’d never be able to cook anything as tasty as theirs anyway!)

Thank you to the whole team for making my life so easy and keeping me full everyday at work! You guys are the best 😍💚"

- Jo Kearney - Personal Trainer @ Pump Gyms.

"I met the founder of green and lean, at the gym I work at, I lost alot of motivation about the diet I was meant to be having each day, but since I been ordering with green & lean I found better results with my body, giving me that last missing link in my results getting the perfect summer body, the food is amazing I tried other meals with other company’s but green and lean has to be the best tasting meals & great results if your workouts are on point with your meals, try for yourself you wouldn’t look elsewhere"

- Salmoon Micheal - Personal Trainer @ The Herfordshire GCC.


Our chefs & sport’s nutritionists have put all their knowledge together to design a spectacular menu for you. All of our meals are designed to give you a protein hit to aid your muscle recovery and fuel your muscle growth. We provide a rotating menu, meaning you see different and exciting meals every week!

Our menu contains a mix of "slow" carbs - quinoa, wholewheat penne/noodles, brown rice, sweet potato & couscous. These give you a constant release of energy over 4-6 hours, unlike other carbs that cause spikes and dips in your energy. We give you the energy to be mentally alert and physically energised throughout your day, fuelling your lifestyle.

We offer a range of protein, chicken breast is our main choice but we offer beef, pork, steak, salmon, sea bass, tuna, egg and a range of offerings. We use high protein, lean meats all procured from a high-quality butcher, for example, we provide grain fed rump steak.

We provide 2-3 fruit & veg in every meal, giving you a range of vitamins & minerals to help your body perform. We use over 30 different fruit & veg meaning you get a varied diet which is great for your body and health. "Eat the rainbow". All of our meals come with a unique homemade dressing, these have all been specifically designed by us to accompany the specific meal. Not only do they taste amazing and really make the meals delicious they are packed with extra goodness such as honey, lemon, garlic, ginger - all superfoods that really improve your health and wellbeing. 

We aim not only to give you the body and workout results you want but also bring you delicious food, you probably wouldn’t find on your plate at home, and improves your overall health! Our customers love our meals! See what they think in the reviews at the bottom of the page. 

Try it for a week and be 100% or get your money back*.

Got more questions? Please see our FAQ’s

* only available with 3 meal plans